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K Theory - Heaven (K Theory Remix) lyrics


Verse 1: Jay Z
Arm, leg, leg, arm, head -- this is God body
Knowledge, wisdom, freedom, understanding -- we just want our equality
Food, clothing, shelter -- help a nigga find some peace
Happiness for a gangsta, ain't no love in these streets
Conspiracy theorist screaming Illuminati
They can't believe this much skill is in the human body
He's 6'2, how the fuck he fit in a new Bugatti?
Aw fuck it you got me
Question religion, question it all
Question existence until them questions are solved
Meanwhile this heretic I be out in Marrakesh
Morocco smoking hashish with my fellowship
Y'all dwell on devil shit, I'm in a Diablo
Yellow shit, color of Jell-O shit
Hello bitch, it's me again
Fresh in my Easter clothes feeling like Jesus and

Verse 2: Malcolm Anthony (K Theory)

Somebody call the exorcist
I'm possessed by the holy spirit
We the new trinity & you can feel it
Looked evil in the eyes & didn't fear it
Speak, see it, or hear it
Fuck fame, I'm just tryna kill paris
Twenty-one years young
With the mind of a legend
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You don't have to die to see heaven
These verses are so perfect
Musta ripped them out the bible
HOV tell these niggas who the fuck got the title
Showed up to the gates with my duffle
God knew that i was trouble
So he sent me back to earth,rebirth the hustle
It's like I'm fucking cursed
I can't die i have to change the world first
So Im breaking every dollar in your purse or your wallet
Fuck with me you know i got it
Magna carta holy grail
I can only go to heaven, we already live hell
Fuck with me you know i got it
Magna carta holy grail
I can only go to heaven, we already live hell

Hook: Justin Timberlake

Have you ever been to heaven?
Have you ever seen the gates?
Have you bowed unto your highness?
And do you know how heaven taste?
Knock me down

Bridge: Jay Z

That's me in the corner
That's me in the spotlight
Losing my religion

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