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K Spizz - While You're Right Here lyrics

[Phone Call: K Spizz]
Yo what's up homie
Just chilling with the squad right now, whatchu doing?
Yea I'm cooling
I mean she just thought I was trying to like hit it and quit it or whatever
But I was telling her like the whole time, like nah I'm not a douchebag or anything
Yea she's missing out, I don't really care though
But yo, you should hit up dash in, come thru with some mambis
We at the cows with it
Yea I'll tell you more about it like once you get here
Alright peace yo

[Verse 1: K Spizz]
So first off nice to meet ya
I'd like to get to know ya
And what really makes ya happy
Like ya favorite kind of soda

Ya got me love sick
Ya put me in a coma
Lay ya down, lay ya down
On my pull out sofa

Got a body that goes to yoga
And a booty as big as Texas
That could shred a man's lettuce
Know ya innocent but reckless

Ya wore a turtleneck
When ya should've wore a necklace
Be my baby at the cribbo
I got pizza and Netflix

That's every girl's checklist
You'll make any girl jealous
Sleepover n stay restless
Wish this could be endless

And in the mornings
You could cook me up some breakfast
I could roll ya up a stemless
And smoke it ‘till ya breathless

Help ya ‘till ya helpless
Love ya like it's relentless
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I make a nonfictional life
So precious

Don't turn it into fiction
Cause those stories are so senseless
I like where this is heading
Don't make me go headless

[Hook: Tighe Dunlavey and Riley Slate]
(Tighe Dunlavey)
While I am right here
Everything's gonna be just fine
I can tell by ya eyes girl
I'm gonna have to make you mine

(Riley Slate)
And while you're right here
I wanna know if it'll be fine
With you by my side
I wanna know you'll treat me right

[Verse 2: K Spizz]
So what do ya say
I guess I can't call ya bae yet
Kiss her like a love gun
She use me like a bayonet

I see you got expensive taste
But don't wanna lay in debt
I'm willing to pay the price
I just haven't paid it yet

Ya think I haven't weighed it yet
I scale it by the root
Carve our names in a tree
You're the water to my fruit

I'll admit
I'm behaving in a thirsty mood
Devil wears Prada
Gimme heaven in ya birthday suit

[Hook: Tighe Dunlavey and Riley Slate]

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