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K Spizz - We On Right Now lyrics

[Verse 1: K Spizz]
Roll wit me now, come roll wit me now
Get on my flow wit me now
I'm on a guillotine grind all of the time
You might plan ahead, I'm beheading 'em now

I'm dropping their mouths like their jaw fell out
I'm cutting some off with a bucksaw now
I'm only focused on the green that I see
Whatever's left after the "aw" wow

I'm making moves on my own
So I can win it all for the fam
I'll never give it up and I'll hold it down
But I'm reminding y'all I only got two hands

I'm working now
So you can haul when I move in
I'll have ten trucks, loaded up
Just to prove what I said I meant

I'm in the fast lane, I am switching it up
I'm stressing and steaming, my windows are up
Chill out, cool down, I'm fogging up
Gotta clear my mind of what I'm coughing up

Sleeping pills are for the weakest heads
I'd rather be sleepless in the biggest bed
My secrets speechless, my mind is genius
I just let my lyrics speak instead

[Hook: K Spizz]

Yea we on right now...

[Verse 2: K Spizz]
You got a pigeons wing, what a city mind
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See with an eagle eye, I got the strongest quill
I'm gonna be rolling through Beverly Hills
My cup's half full, so it won't spill

We could have all the time in the world
Live on forever, infinite hours
Might disappear but I'll be back
I am superhuman I got infinite powers

We can look down on who didn't make it
We got birds eye view from the towers
Or we can look back on our boring past
And ask why was that ever ours?

All these nightmares tryna lay me down
Gotta shake em off, drop 'em like Bauer
Life will start to taste so sweet
After times of being so sour

Rising like an exponential figure
Cause I hate when I'm staying equal
I'm praying for the power of the six
The whole squad's up in the cathedral

I'm in my prime
That means this volume is the prequel
So let me turn it up a couple notches
And make it even louder on the sequel

If I can pay off all of my wrongs
How's money the root of all evil?
I'll be chilling, kicking it on the beach
While you just feed off me like a seagull

I've been killing off my competition
Never knew I could be so lethal
Damn I just fucked up the game
I'm only 17 so was it legal?

[Hook: K Spizz]

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