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K Spizz - Walk Right Up To The Sun lyrics

[Verse 1: K Spizz]
Gotta pull my blinds up
Pick my eyes up
Zip my fly up

Pour a glass of apple cider
Shop online designers

Cook my eggs sunny side up
That's my every morning line up

Get the squad over to light up
Call that making our minds up

Now we feeling too high up
Get on our levels and climb up

My line might get tied up
My division won't divide up

Wish to see me better sign up
My timing's never times up

Walk right up to the sun
Even if the sun blinds me

You don't have to mind me
No worries on how to find me

Cause we all start out in hiding
Repping Delaware like Biden

Don't love me? I hope ya like me
Not good enough? Hope ya try me

Taste me, don't ever waste me
I'm so sweet, stick in ya head like sugarplums and pastries

I'm waltzing in a field of roses
With my baby
While you're just two stepping on some daisies

I'm actin crazy. but not because you pay me
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And I'm winning. You never thought you'd play me

Walk right up to the sun

[Verse 2: K Spizz]
Pick my paper up
Yelling anchor up
Get my neighbors up

See the morning sun
Rise like vapor bruh

Get the shaping up
Sides tapered up
That's the fader yup

Baking up
Papers and shrubs
Green acres club
That's a pick me up

Do a favor
Like ya favorite drug
Sex kiss and hugs
That's every flava love

But still that's never enough
And love is never too much
Like a whole nother dutch

It takes two to keep up
Like jump rope, double dutch

Can't shift away it's got ya by the clutch
If ones actin lame, then the other one is the crutch

If it was a snake it'd prolly bite ya by the nuts
But before it kills me lemme shave and get a haircut

Lemme shave and get a haircut


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