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K Spizz - The Man lyrics

[Verse 1: K Spizz]
I took a trip
And fell right in to place
Feeling like I'm up in first
Of the whole human race

I'm on the pursuit of happiness
Yea i'm in a chase
All we wanna see is teeth
Call that picking up ya face

If I'm a star down on earth
Imagine me up in space
Before we leave our lives
We gotta leave behind a trace

Life is like a box of chocolates
We all got our different tastes
I ain't afraid to die
I'm scared to let it go to waste

[Hook: K Spizz]
If there's the man upstairs
Who's the man down here?
Who's the man?

It's gotta be me
It's gotta be

[Verse 2: K Spizz]
It's gotta be me, it's gotta be me
I mean who else could it be
No one else as good as me

It's just me and my producer
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Got my brother on the beats
Got some hand me downs
Rep my brother on my sleeve

I feel like I got a halo
Army full of Spartans
Got ya wrapped in plastic
Like the tits on Dolly Parton

I feel like I'm at the peak
Of the hierarchy
It's only me up in the drivers seat
No valet parking

[Hook: K Spizz]

[Verse 3: K Spizz]
I'm the man with the plan
I could be the damn president
Plastic Rap my Bible
I'm just talking like I'm Heaven sent

Practice ain't a game
But it feels perfect getting only net
I want Ciroc on the rocks
Like I don't need my shot wet

I just do it
So I can fuck around wit checks
But really I'm just working my way up to pay a higha rent

I can show you life is worth it all
If you forget ya debt
Life is a gamble I'm gonna win
Lemme place my bets

[Hook: K Spizz]

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