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K Spizz - Love Potion lyrics

[Verse 1: K Spizz]
I really like my soda and cola without the ice
In other words we don't have to chill like every night
I want that one girl that y'all want outta spite
So I can take her out and show her off cause she's mine

And I only buy her drinks when she wants one
Bring her her favorite coke when she wants rum
Only buy a condom if she wants some
Ask her what's up when she wants none

She should buy ya some cola when "double d-ing" cause she's on one
But remember it's just soda even if she never bought one

And if she thinks she always right
She the wrong one
Time flies when you're having fun
So do it when your young

[Hook: K Spizz]
Ya soda might be flat
But ya heart rate ain't
That special someone won't let ya love go to waste
We all like the flavors
We just love that one taste
So just buy em their favorite soda
If their loves looking faint

[Verse 2: K Spizz]
But lemme take a second
And let her take a sip
Might end up falling in love
Ain't that a trip

If she fuck on the first date
She moving too quick
Cause if she got 4 or more bodies
That's a full clip

And if we ain't kissing
Then we don't give each other lip
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If my grips on her ass
We ain't talking bout shit

If the devil wears Prada
The angel wears nada
I don't ever wanna see ya
Just know that I gotta

[Hook: K Spizz]

[Verse 3: K Spizz]
You can tell me anything
Let's be each other's therapy
You're the flame to my Cuban
See your eyes light up like kerosene

You're like the angel on the top of my evergreen
Just like this melody

I'm spitting Edgar Allen poetry
Mixed with emotion
Wife her up
Damn that's devotion
For a promotion

Now we in motion
Causing commotion
Brought a shield to a boxing match
Call me a Trojan

Then give her something sweet
When she salty like the ocean
And maybe something smooth
When she runs out of lotion

Don't need caffeine just to keep my eyes focused
It all started with a soda tho
What a love potion

[Hook: K Spizz]

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