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K Spizz - Good Life lyrics

[Hook: K Spizz]
Im just here so we can have a good time
Forget the bad times
It's time for the good life

[Verse 1: K Spizz]
Okay lemme hold ya toast up
And lemme make my own toast
If haters got a beef with us
We gon' let that beef roast

We ain't got no time for that
We got some more weed to smoke
Exterminate the rats and roaches
We don't want em in our homes

We just here to have a good time
Cause that's what matters most
Kick off ya shoes, fill up ya cup
I'll be ya favorite host

Take a rapper full of treats
Over bags full of tricks
Take a road trip fill the seats
Fuck running through the six

And don't be worried bout the checks
If ya all up in the mix
Nothin wrong with being broke
Cause that's something we can fix

We all wanna be rich
But fuck acting like a dick
Foul mouths don't need a kiss
So fuck whoever been a bitch

Don't be afraid to break the ice
You need an ice pick
If ya ain't hitting on a chick
Kick it wit ya clique

Light a spliff and slow down
Call that a control stick
Time flies when you're having fun
And life is moving quick
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[Hook: K Spizz]

[Verse 2; K Spizz]
Who says our dreams are too big
For this small state?
Early bird gets the worm
Till he wanna wake up late

If ya ain't filling ya stomach
Then you got the wrong plate
If ya getting stood up
Say you just picked the wrong date

Love all the fish in the sea
And forget about using bait
Somebody loves the real you
Fuck whoever's acting fake

We ain't made to stand around
Cause that could be a long wait
Life is a trip
So make it go a long ways

If ya ain't chasing a dream
You running the wrong way
Wasn't born in Philly but I
Sound like meek on his tape

Peel the plastic like bananas
We could be rocking BAPE
Put some purple in our blunts
Bringing a game for rolling grapes

And Spizzy gon' do the same
Don't go and forget the name
We ain't worried bout a thing
Middle fingers to the lames

Let the sun in to the room
Pull open those dirty drapes
Smile because ya living
Happiness our best trait

[Hook: K Spizz]

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