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K Spizz - #EverybodyKnows lyrics

[Hook: K Spizz]
If you acting like a bitch
Everybody knows
If you acting like a dick
Everybody knows
If you talking that shit
Everybody knows
If you end up getting rich
Everybody knows

[Verse 1: K Spizz]
This been on my mind
For some time
I been thinking like is it worth it
Is it worth the time?

Thinking like I'm boutta do a crime
Is the ride down
Worth the climb up?
I know one town
Will never be enough

I know I can do this with my eyes closed
And my hands cuffed
And If I wanted
I could prolly get my hands scrubbed

But they gon' know whenever I get my pants tugged
Or when they see me, contemplating if I am drugged

And that's just fucked up

[Hook: K Spizz]

(Everybody knows about me now…
Man, everybody knows.)

[Verse 2: K Spizz]
And I don't wanna ever have to take the backstreets
But I know I'd like the box seats

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Bird's eye view
Watch ‘em all try to flock to me
Cause everybody loves ya
Once ya hit the lottery

All them cameras with the flashing lights in my eyes
Damn I might have to just wear a disguise

But who am I kidding?
I'll enjoy the bidness
Imma run on with some commas
Man I'm all about the fitness

And I sure will like the women
And all my fans who listen
Never want to be the villain
I'll stick to what is written

I can't give up on this vision
I'm making the right decision
Just remember I'm still human
With a dollar or a million

[Hook: K Spizz]

[Verse 3: K Spizz]
I had a dream
That only I could imagine
And man I had to take action

Lights camera action
My lyrics will fill ya footage with captions
See my life just how it happens

I'm only looking for one reaction
And that's attraction
Forget whoever tryna diss me
They just distractions

I'm sick cause I infect ya ears
But I won't catch a fever in a cabin
Unless I'm wrapped in plastic

[Hook: K Spizz]

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