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K Spizz - City of Nobody lyrics

[Verse 1: K Spizz]
I'm in the city that stays quiet
Wilmington repping silence
Only I'm the rookie, getting drafted
Going public as a private

I really worry if y'all approve of this
I won't deny it
But what's a bunch of land mines gonna do when I'm flying

How you gon' get famous
If you ain't even gonna try it
Act like it's the end of the world
See you've been fuckin with them Mayans

Life's a roller coaster
Just sit back and ride it
Extroverted mind
My introversion gon' disguise it

I'm not one for romance
But I sure enjoy the love
I wanna meet the whole nation
Cause Wilmington ain't big enough

Infect the world
Like this planet's not sick enough
Live how you wanna live
Seems you don't wanna live enough

I wanna be rich enough
To buy my mom a Benz
And a house over a cliff
So they can live life on the edge

With no worries and no lens
See it all without the movies
I see the world for what it is now
Blame it on the shroomies

Who says I'm not gon' make it?
If I can wait, why ain't you waitin
Serving what the people craving
Come and taste what I've been bakin

Catch me pigging out
You're asking me to share my bacon
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If I ain't perfect
Boy you must be mistaken

[Hook: K Spizz]
I'm gonna be somebody
In a city of nobody

[Verse 2: K Spizz]
High school was too light
Or maybe just too high
Redness relief
For all the stress in my eyes

Rohtos for every strand
Repping logos from every brand
I can feel it in my genes
Fitting into Balmain pants

Smooth sailing coast to coast
On a boat, fuck this sedan
Going foreign, French kissing in France
Getting take out from Japan

Y'all can see me now?
Freshman year I was invisible
And nah I'm not a god
But damn are my verses biblical

Not a rapper I'm a prophet
…that was literal
Lyrical individual
My mind rhymes the syllables

My futures looking great
I can see it, cause its visible
Soon I'll take a look around
And say this used to be fictional

And nah it's not about who did it first
It's bout who made it last
I'm a present to the future
And a reminiscence on the past

It's all part of the plan
Laying low, moving fast
Nobody saw this shit coming
And I'm glad nobody asked

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