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K Smith - No Problems lyrics

I know, I know
No problems
They don't want
No problems
No problems
They don't want
No problems

[Verse 1]
I be moving through the city with no problems
Me and my niggas, they law abiders
None of my niggas got hoes around us
Time for the OG's that stole the tour
Y'all nigga learn from the old fella
Anything I touch gold, like Warner Brothers
And all the niggas that grind with me
We like brothers
We all on a mission and we try to get it
Though we started from the bottom
But they ain't stop us
Started from the bottom on the same match
Started from the bottom, we well connected
I got niggas in Maryhood, boys well respected
Rapping don't work, better move my next shit
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I remember back when I was pushing a Lexus
You can see me now, a, [?]
Got yungins in the hood, one part in the section


[Verse 2]
I live a life of a gun, nigga
You know, no no problems
Scroll back, hood, get locked out
Money coming better, better train on the album
OG's in the hood, no problem
I'm a jury with shit, I'm a low rida
Being bad on LP, LSD robber
S and K, hundred round caller
I'mma hit yo' block, nigga, ain't no others
You can get off the chair if you got a problem with it
I'mma move up in the air, get the worst feelin'
Mid case, lost a mill of millies
From the hood, send a doper killin'
I was gone to take a ball tray
Dress in my [?] never like me gray
Toss that man down, make the front page
Hit one ova, get a nigga get payed


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