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K Smith - Get Em Up lyrics

Get em up! Get em up! Get em up!

[Verse 1]
I fuck your bitch she fall in love
I get a word up to my nigga
They gon' come and stick you up
Money on my mind
If it ain't money, it ain't nothing
Niggers pillow talking with those bitches
But she get no luck
Seven grams in my blood, we ride around
We deep as fuck
I be trying to chill, but my young niggas light you up
All this money in my pocket, hit it clever, throw it up
Yeah, I'm probably with some cali nigga
They gon' throw it up!
West filling, nigga, west really my side
Niggers switch side, they don't really wanna ride
I be really in that bitch, 20 niggas on my side
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Really in this bitch, two other niggers yelling mine


[Verse 2]
All the B's and G's on me
And I brought warlords, niggrs kill for me
2000 shooters in the A, niggas steal for me
Can't do wrong shit, hood holds love
I'm the top, as soon as they see ya stolen from me
I'mma shoot the teeth off your face, shit, it ain't nothing
Bitch, boy, I'mma pound with your wheat, boy
No, I'mma shooter, right now I aim at your neck, boy
Give my strength back, Gimme my chain back
Take that fat roller back
They call him big daddy, cause he the bitch in the house
Cut you nigga [?]


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