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K-Rino - Makin' Enemies lyrics

[Intro: K-Rino
Hmm hmm, yeah yeah yeah
Listen, might as well start off right

You've got plex for me, better address it directly
Best believe, if not never will it affect me
I possess every heavenly preliminary accessory
Necessary to carry out my destiny
Recipes for your d**h, I read
With a decree accompanied by a press release
Many of these freaks, women in pools
Are weak feminine attributes used in schools
To teach women as the orchestrators of the new genocidal a**imilate
Temperate imminent k**in buildin coffins for citizens
Generational remnants eliminated from mental remembrance
Body excrement present under his Timberlands
You pledge allegiance, to a Devil beasting
Forever seek weak levels of peace, never eastin'
Meanwhile, the people are deceivin' to believe in
Every citizens part of the sake American dream
When the fact of the matter is that they lack love
For the people who this country was built on the backs of
The brown and black blood, thats found in that mud
Was inundating the hood prior to the crack flood
Nobody willin' to listen that's why we still in the system
Greedy imperial visions consistent buildin' up prisons
"See that's a mistake man, don't you know Americas a great land
Nobody offers you freedom like they can"
"Wait man are we talkin' bout the same great man
Who murdered the Indians made the Africans slaves and
Persecuted the planet soon as he left the cave and
Let his hate span, fool, get outta my face, man"
Police academy puttin bullets in our anatomy
Savage brutalities while they laughing, cashing their salary
A different tragedy, Sunday through Saturday
As fast as we rally another's happening scary pa**ive and maddening??
See but I gotta be who I gotta be
Y'all asleep in an odyssey of hallucinogenic Christian theology
Obviously concocted in privacy
[Lyrics from: https:/]
Cause a lot of these lying scholars be subscribing to rotten policies
I'm not a doctor of meteorology nor do I try to be
But I can see God dropping his weather constantly
He been loading, fire and then slow
Eventually ending his foes with a crescendo
Got water coming down, how much higher can the rain get?
Brace for the great earthquake that haven't came yet
I drop fire till I make the preacher retire
Your life is trifling and your priest is a liar
Now the s**ers on the run, had to rush him with a gun
Cause he caught him in the church house touching on his son
You capping on tape, every song you happen to make
That's a mistake, 88% of rappers are fake
Weapon in fast for definite cash dressing in drag
And you helping the sad moment by accepting this trash
Weapon of discrepancy over the Confederate flag
But whenever cops weapons blast you never get mad
Y'all holding hands you don't want drama in the place
Praying for the same man who shot ya mama in the face
Can't relate with em or have the grace to debate with em
Cause when truth hit em in the face they say it's racism
They hate when you regulate and break in their fake system
But they can't even get an education if they listen
International kick doors, all of their sick wars
But black history? "That's old, You should forget yours
Quit looking at old gra** and put it in the past
Meanwhile, here's a foot n***a put it in your a**"
Remember the Holocaust, the Alamo
Remember the main Pearl Harbor and every battle yo
People done fought but our struggle never matters though
It's sad to know, that the black average Joe would rather go with the status quo
Unknowingly we been involved in saint synagogue
In the dark, United States is a mental ward
They come in and rob pretending they met a God
Then they start selling resources, pillaging any part
Of the planet and enemies are contested, arrested
The media only gives domestic perspective
Trust indeed raise up the corners and see
But they the terrorists they accuse others to be
From Hiroshima to Desert Storm to Black Wall Street
And my balls are black that's why they blackball me

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