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K Oomz - Your Girl lyrics

[Verse 1: KOOMZ]
Taking a piss, but it's not my bladder
Nah, I don't need to pee
My girl wants to go Nando's, don't worry cause I'll pay, B
I don't even try for the money right now but YouTube still pays me
Tune after tune, I be banging them out, had to drop this with DC
Yeah, I'm going in with DC
Kicking shit like Jet Li
Got too many man in our Section, but we ain't even Team Squeeze
Your girl, she be feeling me
Your girl, she be onto me
Your girl, she be getting the D after I bell off her line like Central C

[Verse 2: Blackscomedy]
One, two girl, I want three more
Said she want blow like a C4
Baby, I can take you on a detour
Say you got backs, let me see more
Say you got breasts, let me see more
Say you got principals... umm... wait
Likkle girl, you ain't Seymour
Said she want ride on my seesaw
Said she want see what she saw
Big batty African girl, back it up, make it touch
Baby I wanna feel more
Your chocolate skin make me breathless
Hope I don't fall like Tetris
And if you're talking 'bout Blacks
You better be saying he's the bestest

[Verse 3: DCSNM]
He knows who it is, she knows who it is, she knows that I'm DC
Fans see me, so they stop and pree, and ask me for a selfie
Haters gonna hate, so I let them hate
Go on then, hate on me
My life is good, but I can still take an L, g
Your girl might be in my Snapchat
Or your girl might be in my DMs
Boom, bow - she be talking from AM to PM
She be talking from PM to AM
And she never wanna stop
But when I go in you know I'm going in and I won't miss the drop

[Verse 4: KOOMZ]
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Message me, drop a 2 2 emoji
2 2s like Zack and Cody
2 2 girls, I ain't feeling lonely
Connection was strong, don't ask what it's for, g
You can get smacked with a Batman
So please stop acting a joker
And if your girl turning me on then I'll back out my tool and my ting might soak her
Fans keep saying that I'm just bait
So they wanna take a picture for the 'gram of me like I'm just bait
They ain't making a meme like I'm just bait
Girls know I'm a baller, but I'm not a baller like Harry Kane
I'm trying to get rich, but it ain't on fumes
Ay, ay, ay

[Verse 5: Blackscomedy]
My new girl's rude and I kinda like it
She got a dirty attitude, but she's not lightskin
When I see a nude, I just wanna wife it
Got her in my bed, it must have been a sidekick
And she's like "Blacks, you've got the right stick"
And she state the facts, so I like this white chick
She don't want beat, she just want grinding
So we get to grinding
My black girl's thick and I like them bits
She got a big back and I like them tits
She kinda curvy
I think she's worthy
Asian girl might turf me
Hold up, b, I'm not 30
You want jump in my new whip
Get out my car, you look thirsty

[Verse 6: DCSNM]
He took the piss out of this, so I take it back and piss on it too
Man had to drop a 2 2 like no-one will do cause my next girl's overdue
Had to gas her up for a long time
Wanted to make her wife
So I took her to a restaurant, I knew it was a set up
Cause I saw five guys
Five guys, cut this bitch like "bye, bye"
Tried to run away, she tried to call me, tell the bitch don't call my hotline, line
Tried snap me, she thought I'd snap back
Tried to get me angry, so I snapped back
Won't catch me in a snapback
Tried to get rude, best know I won't have that

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