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K Hoody - Run It lyrics

[Intro: K Hoody]
Hold it down written like Bumpin
Future been written since Bumpin
I spent that check you say nothing
I get that money you cuffing
Hold up little n***a you said nothing
Play ball I swish it like Gordon
You could not catch me I'm spartan
In the year 300

[Hook: K Hoody]
Run it
Run it
Run it
Run it
Run it
Run it
Run it
Run it

[Verse 1: K Hoody]
Future been written since Bumpin
Get at your girl and I pull on her braids
1, 2, 3 now I'm in a maze
1, 2, 3 slap em with a praise
Look at my grills it's on teeth
You cannot focus on me
To focus on these
I walk with the Yeezy it's breeze
Little n***a it's me
Run it I run it no running back
Too much money it done broke my back
Took your girl and then I brought her back
Run it you do it like running man
Verde pull up with real figures
I just might pull up come get ya
My plug comes with no duals
Run up on him he gon shoot
Run it like that he gon shoot
I get that deal it's on you
You spent that check now you losing
I swear that girl she fooling
Hit it one time now she cooling
Watch how I run up the Gucci
Watch how I run up a check
Pa** it to bro he flex next

[Verse 2: Kid Verde]
Look at the way that I run it
Look at the way I be stunting
Look at the way that I flex
Had to go run up a check
n***as that didn't believe
Now they the ones that support me
They see me go big on big
So I keep on finessing the beat
Bank roll man we keep it working always on the rise
If n***as didn't know me n***a now you know me
I'm the main attraction yeah the main event
Used to be out on the bench
But now I'm the one that's been making them plays
That's cause I stay hustling no pit stop
I been tryna put some money in my mailbox

[Verse 3: K Hoody]
Diamonds on me and they skate
Money pa**ed out on a plate
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I cannot buy from you fakes
Twisted my hair I'm on dates
I cannot pa** with no Rollies
Hoody been dreaming bout golden
Ima be patient no rushing
Ima go get it you busting
Ima keep counting my money
We gon keep running the wave
Run it like that they be fazed
They swear they started the wave
I cannot mess with broke n***as
I put a hoe on a mission
Cooking the pot in the kitchen
Slide to the top now they on me
I broke the top I put it all on it
Swear they going through the wave
Verde gon get a n***a paid
Bumping with my gold chain
Surf in the crowd we gon surf
Run it like that we a boss
Check coming what's the cost
Move the package with the most

[Verse 4: Kid Verde]
Black girls are the baddest
But some white girls up there too
I swear some moments I'm cornered up and I don't know which side to choose like
But these girls are crazy man they driving me out my mind
But some of them so cla**ed up and so independent they like a raffle prize
So rare to get but I gotta win it
Cause shawty stay fly she running it
She educated she running it
Got them new designers she running it
Even with her walk she running it
And she cashing checks cause she running it
Shawty setting trends cause she running it
She stay bossin cause she running sh**
Walked in the scene
Spot lights they surrounding me
I've been chasing dreams
And this paper to support the team
Bank roll pariah man we keep it locked we left the dock
Always on this music I'm addicted I think I'm a fiend

[Outro: Kid Verde]
Run it
Run it
Run it
Run it
Run it
Run it
Run it
Watch how I run it
Watch how I run it
Watch how I run it
Watch how I run it
Run it
Run it
Run it
Run it
Run it
Run it
Run it
Watch how I run it
Watch how I run it
Watch how I run it
Watch how I run it

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