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K Henkka - Paid Dues lyrics

Yo! you remember them
You remember them J's my n***a?
No, no, no, I'm talking bout ..them J's my n***a
Oh you don't? damn, well alrightttttt

The doorbell rung but I didn't get up
Got a package on the porch with my name on tuck
Must be them fresh kicks or could it be my luck
That I'm still half sleep & half sobered up, uh
And my car wanna act stupid
Don't know what to do but I ain't cupid
These kids in my neighborhood so ruthless
If these kids were mines they would be toothless

I told them they should make an offer, put it on the table
Tell me how you feel when I'm, willing & able
I'm tired of talking, no time for cable
Tired of paying dues, my n***a I'm tryna make it
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n***a I'm tryna make it, n***a I'm tryna make it
n***a I'm tryna make it, n***a I'm tryna make it
Tired of paying dues, My n***a I'm tryna make it
n***a I'm tryna make it, n***a I'm tryna make it

I like to chill but only sometimes
Only with specific people if they worth while
Seen a bunch pretty women, they were so fine
But it ain't skin deep with me, you need to know I'm
Somewhere in between being lavish
So sophisticated but I love me a ratchet
That got an education & she don't take for granted
That she could be replaced today for bad manners
I want a billboard type banner
All around the city, cause I'm Vain Santana
Everything gotta go my way
And if you don't like that then you must skee-daddle
I'm really used to being alone
And I hate communicating 'less we talk on the phone
Even then I feel like it's all a matter of time
But I'ma writer so you better off just letting me go, go

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