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K da Great - Chasing Greatness lyrics

[Intro: Dion Jetson]
This song is dedicated to everybody who want they day to be great
Nobody wake up and want they day to be average

[Hook: Dion Jetson]
I say f** it man I'm faded you can't keep up with my latest
Drown my sorrows in this bottle I'm just out here chasing greatness
Be honored by my lateness, cuz I middle finger your fake sh**
I say f** it man I'm faded
And y'all can't keep up with my latest
Drowning my sorrows in this bottle
And I'm just out here chasing greatness

[Verse 1: Dion Jetson]
I took a sip of Hennessy, found a little bit of me
Shot gla** of truth, I nicknamed it epiphany
Fine caramel thing named Tiffany put her lips on me
But I can't even focus like I'm smoking hocus pocus
Mama don't want rap, she rather I be POTUS
Turned off the state of the union to watch Otis
f** it though, I'm in a Chevy with my bucket low
Typing rhymes in my iPhone driving so slow
Hennessy Black got me leaning like a cholo
This girl mouth game is slow-mo
Wish I was with Ski Beats in the dojo
Politics as usual but I'm not political, I'm lyrical
Give me a dope beat, I do miracles
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Took a Smokey Robinson break now I'm spiritual
You pitiful
I heard your mixtape
It wasn't worth the wait, man that buzz was fake

[Hook: Dion Jetson]

[Verse 2: Dion Jetson]
This for my 9 to 5ers going hard on weekends
Will them bills get paid well it depends
Cuz we paying Sallie Mae until we wearing depends
So let me stand on these couches and share these drinks with my friends
Only get two days then we slaving again
Just a little for myself like its a f**ing stipend
Got me waiting on the rest like a f**ing hyphen
They say not to be greedy, and it's a sin
sh** If that's the case crack the door and let a little devil in
Prescription medicines is what L7's is peddling
In too deep no back pedaling
We chasing greatness man f** settling
With a humble arrogance
How these frauds stay relevant
Pardon me while I vent
A'int paid dues like common sense
Got some blog love and ain't been humble since
Sold soul for dollars and cents
Repenting behind limo tint


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