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K Camp - Money Talks lyrics

Nigga, money talks, money talks, nigga, money talks
Money talks, money talks, aye, nigga, money talks
Money talks, nigga, money talks
Money talks, money talks, yeeeeah
Money talks, money talks, nigga, money talks
If you talkin' 'bout that money, we can talk
Young nigga, money talks, money, money talks, money talks
Aye, money talks

[Verse 1]
Young nigga, money talks, baby for the call
I got hella hoes and I hit 'em in my lofts
She gon' suck it 'til it's soft, suck it 'til it's soft
And when I get done fuckin', I just tell her wipe it off
Tell me what you sayin', nigga where your bread at?
Catch me in the latest fashion, sorry I don't wear that
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Shawty say she smart enough, I'm askin' where that head at
If you ain't talkin' money, keep it movin' just like FedEx
I just tell 'em...


[Verse 2]
Young nigga, money talks, shawty what it do?
If you ain't talkin' money I ain't got no time for you
Playin' in that two door, I just had to drop the roof
Got some niggas with me, if you playin' they gon' shoot
Ho I want them Benjis, no I can't be friendly
Shawty got that ass and she walkin' 'round with Fendi
Say she want to smoke and fuck, well shawty I got plenty
Know some savage niggas, for that bread, they're like "gimme"
So you know that...


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