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K Camp - Weekend (Freestyle) lyrics


Make up yo mind baby
Make up yo mind baby
You don't f** with me for whatever reason ok that's fine baby
I ain't never been with the back and forth sh**
Young n***a holding weight like a forklift
These hoes don't know I pop sh**
Bandana on feeling like Pac b**h
These hoes don't know no better
Spudd get the picture this four door weather
Yea I like the coupe but the fou' door better
Hit Louie V I might blow more cheddar
Come on baby you need me
Spent twenty K for the VV's
Somebody please call RiRi
Can I see the p**y in 3D?
Shawty what you doing on the weekend?
Wondering if I can sneak in?
You know I'm good with the creepin'
These n***as tweakin'
You the realist b**h breathin'
Most of these hoes reachin'
But you already knew that
I'm curious on how you do that
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Eyes on you when you move that
These n***as too wack
For real
Let's get back to the sh**
Catch me watching power with your b**h
You know I got power on your b**h
f** you for an hour that's it
Hop in the shower then dip
Gotta make it quick
Gotta get back to the c-notes
n***as on my channel like Vivo
Boy tryna get paid in full like Rico
Shawty bad news A.K.A just a cheap hoe
Please tell SZA she can come see me
You know I got Love Galore on repeat
First cla** when you said I took yo seat
I was staring at you like "Damn that's me"
I was staring at you like "Damn you lit"
Looking like a queen that don't take no sh**
Might just fly to the west real quick
Shawty what you mean?
You deserve this dick

Ha, wait! Just f**in' with you shawty
Nah for real

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