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K Camp - These Niggas lyrics

[Hook (K Camp)]

Swear i dont like these niggas (no no)
I dont fuck with around with niggas (no)
Dont talk to me if it ain't bout a check
Swear i love all my bitches (I do)
My bad for saying bitches
But yall know i dont mean no disrespect
I dont like em
I can't stand em
Swear i dont like these niggas
I dont fuck around with niggas
I dont like em
I can't stand em
Swear i love all my bitches
I dont fuck around with niggas
But you ain't know

[Verse 1 : Fat Trel]
I dont like these niggas
So i just go dismiss em'
I just copped a 36
Extension clip for all my issues
Im thinking about my digits
Im tryna make em riches
Its me and Kcamp
In atlanta blowing swishers
Im thinking bout my strippers
My bitch she work at fridays
Smoke a lot of dope
Drinkin' liquor
Poppin' mollies
Miami riding Raris
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You hatin' me im sorry
Dont make me call my haitians
I just hate to drop a body
But i gotta show respect
And i get no rest
But i can walk the streets of chicago with no vest
And i can mix my liquor with ciroc and moet
And when my plane land
I just know its mo' sex


[Verse 2 : Fat Trel]
Momma know im a killer
My vision getting iller
I just left up out the jungle
With the lions and gorillas
Lord forgive me im a sinner
Far from a beginner
Mercedes in the summer
Riding hummers in the winter
Slumber party for my niggas
Invite some strippers
Invite the drugs
I make that bitch fall in love
With a nigga like me
A nigga like me
I think she wanna fuck because my neck is icy
But when i went to jail ain't nobody write me
And thats the reason money only thing excite me
A flight for you and me
I like to sight see
I like to spend the night with a dike
And just nike

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