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K Camp - Lil Bit (freestyle) lyrics

[Hook] (K. Camp)
Aye get fucked up drink a lil bit
Smoke a lil bit
Pop a lil bit
Aye get fucked up
Smoke a lil bit
Pop a lil bit
Aye get fucked up
We ain't do much, trying to have a good time
Got four bad bitches, man the pleasures all mine
Girls kissing girls best believe they all fine
Girls kissing girls best believe they all fine
Let's go
Let's go (x2)

[Verse 1] (T.I.)
Freaks in packs like Newport, true
3s, 4s, 5s, I do not love Lucy
The ho so hot, acting like she stupid
I sent her light dick, kid posse get to it
I told them all in the hallway listen
Pop some of this and you all gon' get it
You ain't fuck with a bitch, ain't my type
Let that hooker take your shine, snatch your flashlight (from me, ayy)
And that itty bitty Benz fit six friends
Drinking on Henn' out a big cup
Eye rolling like a fool to see you kick it in
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New Edition, I'mma tear they ass up
Bend 'em over on the balcony
Eyes wide open looking back at me
Ok it's 6:37, everybody all turned
See your groupie bitch with me, best believe they all learned how to


[Verse 2] (Chris Brown)
Two bad bitches and they fucking with a nigga
Feeling on her booty dick harder than a missile
Ass in the circle let me feel it just a little
Don't be pulling on my belt cause then she holding up the pistol
She like to drink that tequila
Hennessey for all my niggas
You can't take none of my bitches
You fuck one you gon' meet my killers
Iced out roll it right when the light hit
No Janet Jackson don't fuck with no pennies
Bloody your t-shirt those bloods rolling with me
If you bust at me first I shoot up the city
Hundreds on top of hundreds on them titties
Nigga you ain't never seen money like this
Codeine I pour it up
Popping these pills got me throwing up


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