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K Camp - Cut Her Off (Feat. 2 Chainz & Jeo Jetson) lyrics

[Verse 3: Jeo Jetson]
Yea she fucking me for oreos
Always asking me like Jeo can you bring me more of those
Now she say she pregnant or so that's how her story goes
Bitch that ain't my baby betta take yo ass to Maury ho
You know I ain't the real dad bitch I'm not the papa
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So no I won't be there at all when you go see the docta
Want to be with me well bitch im right here
Just know that you and me chillin is nothin like we're
Said that's all she want to do well girl we gone see
Boi you know I'm playing with her Tity like Taugheed
Dumped her on her birthday yea thats how i did her
I cut that bitch off but she still follow me on twitter @JeoJetson

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