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K Camp - Blessing (Remix) lyrics

[Intro: K Camp]
K Camp
I'mma still sing to your girlfriend cause she like it

[Verse 1: K Camp]
Okay now baby girl you know I had to go and do the remix, yeah
Had your heart broke, but it ain't nothing that I can't fix
Don't let that nigga tell you anything different about the way you are, you got it
And I don't mind, cause your too fine, I'mma make time cause you go it
She don't wana take yo' shit no mo'
Heard that your love ain't it no mo'
Side of the bullshit he ain't gotta deal with
Say you wanna call it quits, lets go
I don't wanna hold you back, oh no
A nigga like me wanna see you grow
You hate to be alone and I know I'm not wrong
But the times that I'm gone I just want you to know

[Hook: K Camp]
Want you to know you're a
Blessing (x6)
Yeah baby girl you're a
Blessing (x6)
Want you to know that you are a
Blessing (x6)
Yeah baby girl your a
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Blessing (x6)

[Bridge: Jeremih]
The way you walk you got it
The way you talk you got it
The way you smile you got it
And you don't take shit from nobody

[Verse 2: Jeremih]
Show time baby let me turn it up and I'mma lead you back down
Legs up high, ain't no feeling on that nigga, feel it right now
Don't tell me you can take no more, here's a pillow baby bite down
You love it when you take control, I want that every day
Lookin' at my Rollie, now I won't hesitate
Take it in and control me remotely
I'm tired of talking
You've been saying you been on me
Is it really for me?
I gotta know, uh you gotta know

[Pre-Hook: Jeremih]
Baby you a blessing
The way you undressing
Ain't no guessing
You a definite

[Hook] + [Bridge]

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