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Justin Timberlake - B(L)ack Track lyrics

[Verse 1]
Oh sh**! Pat's at it again
Making White folk mad in a panicky bend
Best of luck, if had a f**, wouldn't give it up
For the feelings of the children of the ones who gave the whippings
I'm motherf**ing Black, and I'm motherf**ing proud
Motherf**ing loud - Can you f**ers hear me now?
Your reign on the top just stopped - Peace Privilege
And it should be given that I'm livin' my opinion
But you're quite livid - Why, you didn't get it?
I'm sorry, can't relate, I got a lot up on my plate
I exist in a space when my case to exist
Is a pace and a skip to the grave from the crib
And it's not your fault if an ancestor got mad pleasure
From my people's displeasure with the leather
But whip me into shape in a debate about race?
You best vacate, go and turn about face
"How he gone behave? Now why's he in a craze?"
Look b**h, it's a free world, what you want me to say?
I apologize if you feeling sodomized
By the thought of my rebel ways
Let me fortify the phrase - Rebel Ways
So if you ain't privy to rebel rage, you ain't seen sh** yet
Call my bluff, place bets
If I ain't f**ing fell on my Black face yet
And y'all still uptight - I must be doing something right, 'cause

[Hook 1]
With so much drama in the world today
It's kinda hard being B-L-A-C-K
They hanging onto every little word I say
Looking for me to slip up, to persecute a n***a
But this Black brother ain't bending over backwards
I'm not your boy and no, you're not my master
So back the f** up and don't catch feelings
Your reaction is revealing but it ain't all that appealing

Ha - Ha - Ha - Ha - You mad? You mad?
Ha - Ha - Ha - Ha - Too bad - Too bad
Ha - Ha - Ha - Ha - You mad? You mad?
Ha- Ha - Ha - Ha - Ha - Ha - Who's bad?

[Verse 2]
"Stop that Black guy! I don't like what he said"
Well stop these cops - I don't like to be dead
And I don't like to be fed that liberal bullsh**
All lives matter? I'm sorry, what's the matter?
I've lost my place in this great American novel
I missed the part on White plight, but what do I know?
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The burden of a man? Determined by his hands
And the pigment that is in them - It wasn't my invention
Drok said, "Never let a White man give you trouble"
And that motherf**er German, I ain't living in a bubble
Humble when I wanna be, not when you want me to be
And if that ain't case, tell my G's we was never free
And ready up a riot, f** it, we already dying
Cuz these White n******gs flipping over gluten free diets
While these triggers steady prying, every politician lying
Yeah I'm violent - Wanna deny my rights? Come and try it


You beat around the bush, like pervert outside a window
I'm weeded on the kush and indo - Okay

[Verse 3]
"Seriously" - If what you're fearing is me
You ain't hearing the pleas, you don't wanna believe
There's millions of motherf**ers just like me
D-D-Do the math bastard, it's not just me
You dummies can't see, though articulate and innocent
I helm from a family of hell, mad n******gish
Gotta spit ridiculous for you to understand
That I've seen some sh** couldn't dream, goddamn
But Eurocentricity's a mystery to me
A disease - Blinds you from what you oughta see
Kid, please, I can wipe my a** with your degree
You think that piece of paper gone save you? Sheeeit
The nature of your nutriment's a little segregated
You live it, you defend it, you were never meant to change it
And any fella questioning the state of your arrangement
You holla 'bout equality when you ain't never gave sh**
Contrast between that and everything you've taken is stark
The answer to where we gonna start
In why this conversation's never taken place and
Your Facebook face, ain't the same when in yo basement
We know what you be saying, We ain't playing, I'm reporting
It's important I implore a little wisdom while recording
These punk mother f**ers support every sport
They'd cower if a power forward stepped on they porch
Or perhaps I got the torch, going forth on a witch hunt
Ain't gotta name names - They're relevant this much
Zip cunts, the thighs of your guise are closed
Ain't f**ing my culture 'round me, no more
And if it's awfully awkward for all of ya, call up a therapist
Tell her how fragile your peril is
And how oppressing my ebonexpression is
Wait, what's the lesson? Forgot what the question is

I'm just f**ing with you White know I love you

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