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Justin Timberlake - Ain't No Doubt About It lyrics

[Hook: Justin Timberlake & Pharrell]
I just wanna touch ya girl, the way you move
Oh, you make me love you girl, cause lady you cool
That's the way, you can move it baby
Tell your girls, to come join our table
Don't you worry, just keep movin boo
Cause you're the star, everybody looking at you
Ain't no doubt about it girl, the way you move
Ain't no doubt about it, hey girl, baby you cool

[Verse 1]
G-A-M-E, drop top Bent-a-ley
Gucci belt buckle fresh out of Italy
I'm a baller, literally
Haters are swine flu, you're k**ing me
I'm looking down on you from where the ceiling be
Me and my n***as swarm on you like the k**er bees
My chick riding shotgun, Billie Jean
Half Belizian, half from the Phillipines
n***as energy, is like they got the heaves
Sick of me think they wanna nine milly me
But they ain't for rat tat tat-tat tat
My bullets sing like their registered to ASCAP
Need I say more out in Singapore
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Everything I do exotic I don't need to bring a broad
Mr. Red Carpet, I don't do awards
You want it I done it five million on tour, offshore


[Verse 2]
Ayo Pharrell, I'm ri-ri-diculous, so-so sick with it
You can call me cancer but I don't smoke cigarettes
Come through in a 'rarri same color as licorice
If I ain't with her my b**h like "this my n***a's sh**"
Haters beware, I can see clear
Through the lens on these black Louis V's yeah
Something 'bout Mary, make me wanna blow up
And P got the 'disiac for me when I show up
Whip game crazy I call it all kinda
You a big fish to swim the piranhas
Used to call me "Dope Game" when I copped from Jose
Now I play the Roosevelt and I cop Rose
(n***as be like yo you lease that? No way)
California Slim license plate St. Tropez
Eat at a table full of toupees, lobsters
Been a mobster since the two-way holla


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