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Justiiice - The Drug Club lyrics

Intro -

Drugs Kill....fuck it

Verse -

I can't feel my face
You know that feeling don't you?
Shots, penicillin don't move
Cops been the villain
Young truth
Hurts to be sober so u
Fly just to numb the pain
Sip lean from the summer
Codeine is my favorite paint
When I feel the pain
I get filled with drank
Get a nose job
Look like Kylie j
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This a prologue
To a bigger picture
Quick to paint a nigga Louboutin shade
Then they say that he had drugs in em
Try to blame it on my plug nigga
Piglet gonna find a slug in em
Back to all the shit that I abuse
This is not another high excuse
I'm that fire that yo buyer use
Lil bitch tryna use me up again
Lotta lines not enough pens
Little time and to much sin
Leave behind no evidence
Follow to my death bed
Kamikaze on the night stand
Makaveli to my right and
I'm wrong I'm a write again
If I fall imma fly again
Never fall never dial in....
Never fall never dial in...

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