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Justiiice - Rolln' Motion lyrics

Verse 1 - Satchel

We're just driving on the e way
Rollin down Mary Lane
We're so higher
Looking out the window
I'm just watching your hair blow
We're just driving down the e way
We just took too tabs of shhh!
We're passing the boys yea...
So we gotta be flight jet private

Verse 2 - Justiiice

I'm stuck in the middle
Of whats fake and whats real
I move like I'm on acid
If it rained on my deal
And the rain turn to water
Up in that water I swim
I meet this sheep nigga daughter
But I don't sweat her for skin
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Verse 3 - Satchel

Sweater on skin
I walk with a limp
Smooth like a pimp
But niggas ain't it
Nigga I'm it
My squad is the clique
Nutribe with three I's
We're seeing all of this shit

Verse 4 - Justiiice

I see it all with my eyes closed
Drive with a blindfold
Meet this young bird
Tell her fly in her fly zone
She wants to ride home
I wanna spend
Time till the end
Flying again
I'm in...

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