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Justiiice - Rhombus lyrics

[Verse 1 Justiiice]
Leaning still feigning
For sprite an pink syrup
Pour after pour till I'm slurring my words up
Flow paved with gold
Now my verses un versed
I leave rappers in hearses with show post rehearsal
I don't have time for no b**h
I'm damn near losing my mind off this sh**
One cap full is a time capsule
I'm losing time off this sh**
I gave line after line
With no line for this sh**
No in line on the grind
Damn near flying and sh**
On the mic I'm like mike
But I'm Bryant sipping
Got the purple and gold like a Viking and sh**
From the go I won't go
Please don't try me and sh**
I got flows that I wrote just for biting a** nigs
If you need one I got you
Just light one real quick
Ill enlighten your track and body that b**h
Then send it right back like f** yo whole clique

[Verse 2 Retro]
I'm tripping and sh**
An issue at hand
A dose of codeine
A cup in my hand
Don't confuse me w/ them
I am through w/ you fools
I refuse to be known as a subpar dude
Using these raps
To attack for the fact
[Lyrics from: https:/]
That you n***as don't want war
I will conquer in that
They come to see him
In coliseums
I have a inkling that n***as don't like me
I just be winning
Descending from Nike
Hyping on tracks
To attract all the hypebeasts
All this hot sh**, he dope
Dope and you know
Luna, I'm switching the flow
Your average is average at best
They've embezzled my style
I'm a stylist, a vet
Vacuum the trash that you n***as be laying
Malaysian my b**hes
My b**hes I thank em
Thank you

[Verse 3 Satchel]
Y'a ll on some opp sh**
Like n***a stop it
Y'all rolling silence
I'm spitting syphilis so get a clue
This sh** rockin
Hope ya speakers bump
Turn it up
Loud as f**
Wake them f**ing neighbor's up
Ion really f**
If I did id be showing mercy
Spittin tht sh** u n***as rehearsing
Talkin tht sh** can getcha hurt quick splurging on beats u n***as be werkin
Pour up a 4 I'm ots u n***as is kids
Anakin hot iverson flow's I'm handling sh**

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