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Justiiice - Rhombus lyrics

[Verse 1 Justiiice]
Leaning still feigning
For sprite an pink syrup
Pour after pour till I'm slurring my words up
Flow paved with gold
Now my verses un versed
I leave rappers in hearses with show post rehearsal
I don't have time for no bitch
I'm damn near losing my mind off this shit
One cap full is a time capsule
I'm losing time off this shit
I gave line after line
With no line for this shit
No in line on the grind
Damn near flying and shit
On the mic I'm like mike
But I'm Bryant sipping
Got the purple and gold like a Viking and shit
From the go I won't go
Please don't try me and shit
I got flows that I wrote just for biting ass nigs
If you need one I got you
Just light one real quick
Ill enlighten your track and body that bitch
Then send it right back like fuck yo whole clique

[Verse 2 Retro]
I'm tripping and shit
An issue at hand
A dose of codeine
A cup in my hand
Don't confuse me w/ them
I am through w/ you fools
I refuse to be known as a subpar dude
Using these raps
To attack for the fact
[Lyrics from: https:/]
That you niggas don't want war
I will conquer in that
They come to see him
In coliseums
I have a inkling that niggas don't like me
I just be winning
Descending from Nike
Hyping on tracks
To attract all the hypebeasts
All this hot shit, he dope
Dope and you know
Luna, I'm switching the flow
Your average is average at best
They've embezzled my style
I'm a stylist, a vet
Vacuum the trash that you niggas be laying
Malaysian my bitches
My bitches I thank em
Thank you

[Verse 3 Satchel]
Y'a ll on some opp shit
Like nigga stop it
Y'all rolling silence
I'm spitting syphilis so get a clue
This shit rockin
Hope ya speakers bump
Turn it up
Loud as fuck
Wake them fucking neighbor's up
Ion really fuck
If I did id be showing mercy
Spittin tht shit u niggas rehearsing
Talkin tht shit can getcha hurt quick splurging on beats u niggas be werkin
Pour up a 4 I'm ots u niggas is kids
Anakin hot iverson flow's I'm handling shit

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