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Justiiice - NuChoppa lyrics

[Hook: Justiice]
Nu Choppa
Nu Choppa
Nu Chakra
Gold Choppa
Gold Choppa
Gold Charka
Nu Choppa
Gold Choppa

[Verse: Justiiice]
I manifest and I finesse - No flex
n***a who next?
n***a from the triiibe with the third eye in his name like he be seeing too much of that cash
n***a what's good?
n***a what's bad?
n***a what's great?
n***a what's a**?
All you gotta ask is if that sh**'ll last
I don't even see why y'all be wasting y'all breath
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Hold Up!
No need to roll up
That sh** for fruits no crack no soda
No Mas!
She asking I'm in deep like Omar
Toyota Tacoma I f** in the back of
Like spices I'm racked up
Got Spice Girls by racks of
Trapper's be trapping for practice
n***a's be rapping like trapper's
Rapper's be acting like actors
I'm geechi y'all see me?
I see y'all no lacking
Please do not try him right here n***a!
Leave your whole bloodline in fear n***a!
Rappers be like, "This my year n***a!"
How many you think you gone get?
I'm Gucci like I'm Zone 6
And yes I be all over tracks
But don't ever think that I would possibly slip

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