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Justiiice - In The Breeze lyrics

I left her in the breeze...
Pretty fruit so bittersweet...
And I'm flowing with her breeze...
The autumn trees fall to their knees...

Verse One -

And When I leave
I leave at night
I play the moon
Her shining light
And when she leaves
She leaves in portions
I sip this lean this sh** a potion
It's mixed by me
I trust no one
I hold my envy
Like it's my gun
I draw with pen
I shoot at paper
I grab that cake I save for later....

Bridge one -

No one no I don't trust a thing
Trust someone and I might losing all my glory
No one no I don't trust nothing
Trust someone and I might losing all my glory

Verse Two -
She crawling on her knees
To me she runs in peace
She never battered nor bleeds
I'm never battered nor bleed
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I'm never weak
I play with strength
When I get injured
I play with limp
I sip this lean because I like
She f**s with me because I'm bright
I'm just a star
I shine above

Bridge Two (Over Bridge One)-

Shine on all
Shine on all
Shine on all
Shine on all
All alone

Verse Three -
And so I shine away
I sip this lean
In night or day
Fall in love
She flies to me
She breaks her wing
I fly in piece
I go solo
But yet I'm high
I am a bird this is the sky
I am a wing
I am a man
I feel like king
I feel dying....

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