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Justifide - 9 Outta 10 lyrics

I look when I should look away
Addictions feed from a glance
A glance of temptation is all it takes
All it takes, all it takes to lust
No one there, no one there to trust
Knowing this, but I look anyway
And now I say I should

9 times outta 10 I try to end
This never ending battle I
And my eyes I cannot trust to fight the lust
We must to see clearly what
Why do we cry, why do we cry
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You don
take away all these feelings I feel inside
You don
With the power of Christ I will not let you end me

9 times outta 10 we try to send
these thoughts that make us lust, thoughts that break us
but I gotta try and strive, never cease to draw the fine line
shine the other side, helps me keep a solid state of mind
why do we cry, why do we cry

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