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One of the more connected jungle producers, and a respected name in the field of Bukem-style polished drum'n'bass, Justice (Tony Bowes) co-owns the Modern Urban Jazz label and records as Icons with Blame. His own productions -- as Justice, Justice & Tertius, and Glider-State -- have appeared on Basement, Creative Wax, Echo Drop, and Recordings of Substance.br /br /Raised in Luton, Justice began producing at the age of 17 with newfound friend Conrad Shafie (aka Blame). The two met while studying media at college in Dunstable, and went into the studio in 1991 to try their hand at producing hip-hop tracks. Instead, they emerged with "Death Row," one of the earliest examples of hardcore breakbeat. While the rave scene progressed into self-parodic fluff, Blame and Justice continued producing, both together and on their own. Pushed into new directions by the early influence of LTJ Bukem's "Music," the duo formed Modern Urban Jazz Records. Justice compiled and mixed a Modern Urban Jazz compilation, and united with Blame as Icons for the stellar 1996 LP Emotions with Intellect. His debut album as a solo act, Viewpoints, was released in 1998. Hears to the Future and Modern Electro followed two years later. In 2006, Waters of Nazareth, which contained three versions of the title track, as well as two other songs, came out. ~ John Bush, All Music Guide

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