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Justice Kareem - Groundbreaking lyrics

I'm in the schoolyard rhyming with my brother Jamel and Ra' Allah
Vibe and took the beat, and imagining how far
The sound travel at the turn of the volume
It could shake the gravel, before we heard the loud boom
It vibrated through the parking lot
Shattered a few windshields, set off a sparking shot
The local UPS cat, but we didn't stress that
He had a slow leak, front tire almost flat
I got a cousin think he slicker than the oil in the chain
But I live in an arcade, surrounded by game
He used to pass me bucks, trying gas me up
He was a fast talker, and he kept a flashy cut
From a spot that was on Malcolm X Boulevard
Where this magician, wishing I would pull a card
An optical illusion, and whose hands were quick
But wasn't fast enough not to reveal his trick

[Hook 2X: GZA]
Who be the first to set it off and just begun
Turn up the heat until the track is done
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And we roll together as one
Yes, I call my brother son, cuz he shine like one

[GZA] (Justice Kareem)
Mass hysteria inside the cafeteria
(Not a food fight, but the news might) beat your area
Whether by word of mouth, or if you read about it
(Extra extra, they felt the need to shout it)
(The drummer played the beat on) the table
His boy kicked a verse, like he was the first (and I wasn't able)
More prepared to let off anything substantial
(If I had no rhymes and my planes was cancelled)
Picture that, before you give your bag and expose it
(Couldn't develop the color, wonder why he chosed it)
(See less than the worst competition, to the point)
I only use one ear to listen
Was it something I'm missing (the food is getting cold)
The corners about to flake (as soon as I flip the bowl)
(See the rhyme ain't worth the lunch ticket)
Waste of time of mine (plus the temp kicked it)

[Hook 2X]

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