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Justice Johnson - ATF lyrics

Got me on the run
Uh, uh

[Verse DMX]
BOOM, BOOM, BOOM, open the door, ATF
Too late to send my girl downstairs to say he left
Hit the basement, go through the replacement door
Come up in my neighbor's yard, with a taste for war
You know I laced the four, with the hollows
Crack the safe, grab the bottles (What you want me to do?) Beep Carlos
Two houses over by the tall black fence
I keep the hooptie parked for situations like this
There go Grease, yo, get in, you drive
[Grease] What the f** you doing n***a? Tryin to stay alive
Cops on every corner, I lean back and try to cruise by
Who the f** could'a snitched? Must have been a new guy
(Siren) Damn, they back on our a**
Put your foot back on the gas, step on it fast
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Trying to pull up on the side, but I'm packing to blast
Trying to take the n***as heads off, f** cracking the gla**
(Gunshots) Hey, look out, (bark) damn, came so close
You almost hit that b**h (Like you said n***a, almost)
sh**, the cops hit her, and I know they ain't gon' leave her
Go up here, make this left, pull it over, take a breather
Drop it on the floor
BOOM, got it through the door
Pedal to the floor, leave officers flyin'
d**h is in the air, and I don't know if it's mine
But I know if it's time, it'll be what it is
And all I can think of is what about my kids
sh**, they on the corner, hit the sidewalk, quick
1, 2, 3, 4, 5 more clips
Hit the fire hydrant, get low for the shootout
Run through the fire, pull a joint from my boot out
Caught me in the shoulder, the neck, the ear
I'm going out fast and the last thing I hear is
BOOM, BOOM, BOOM, open the door, ATF

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