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Just2Sharp - I Don't Need It lyrics

[Intro: Just2Sharp]
Shoutout to my n***a David for putting me on the track
I mean, I'd be lying if I you know, put this type of hook on here

[Hook: Just2Sharp]
Views, (I don't need it)
Subs, (I don't need it)
Likes (I don't need it)

Views, (I don't need it)
Subs, (I don't need it)
Likes (I don't need it)

[Verse 1: Just2Sharp]
K, I don't freestyle cause my style ain't free
I f** with your girl for about 2 or 3 weeks
Took her to the crib and I got her in the sheets, and then she let a n***a beat it for just 3 retweets
I'm raw, I'm snapping on 'em
I'm snapping on 'em
Man I look like Basculin
Cause I'm snapping on 'em
Yeah I spit this flow
My flow ain't wack
My flow so hot
Hot sauce, heart attack

[Verse 2: NumbNexus]
My channel so dead I don't know what to do
I look at Sacred's channel he look like Winnie the Pooh
I need Sacred's channel man I really do
I'm crying so hard cause I'm jelly, boohoo
At first glance he look like a nice guy
JK, this n***a's lame he wear that [?]
His mascot's a cat not a giant beast
My dick game's strong on the rise like yeast
And honestly I'm just so [?]
[Lyrics from: https:/]
Buy my SoundCloud on your dada's pool
Ah yeah this is lame cause I just want Sacred
I need his channel so I can make it
S A C R E D, Sacred

[Verse 3: SensationalGP]
I don't need it, I'm craving for that a**
I'm the thirstiest Pokétuber alive
I admit it I'm a weeaboo
Now I just need that 2D booty
I don't need it
I'm thirsty for them big titties
Flannery is the finest Poké-female in the game
Gardevoir can come guard this dick, uh
Got Misty on my right, Dawn on my left
I got more game than Ash
My dick game so proper
I got [?] wanting more
Misty on this dick
Swirling like a Poliwhirl
I don't need it
I don't need it but I want it
I don't need it but I want it
I don't need it but I want it, uh

[Outro: Just2Sharp]
Damn, like, David, you really f**ed the beat up
And I mean that in the nicest possible way, like, you f**ed the beat up
I guess it's because you are what you eat and David you eat a** man, you eat a**
Like, this song is saying I don't need it but David you need a**, 'cause you eat a** like, n***a
Don't rap anymore
I was just joking around but yo a**
Need to quit

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