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Jus Allah - Wine & Spirits lyrics

[Verse 1]
?Line? labeling, wasting time wine-tasting
Grapevines laying sideways in hibernation
Gla** nose level, the smell of a fresh white violet
Decaying dried red rose petal
White wine, medium blonde color, playing subtle tone
This bottle's from the south of France, Southern Rome
Age 2 to 4 years, vintage
High intensity, low alcohol percentage
Talking to a new girl, acting natural
Real casual, give her my gla**, a whirlpool swirl
So distinguished, we managed a conversation in Spanish
Even though we both spoke English
Hard for me to take my eyes off of her, I couldn't blink
Brains and beauty, I like the way you look and think
She was with guests, she went back right before she left
We hooked together our arms and we took a drink

[Verse 2]
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New York, New York
Near the shore of the Atlantic
Female, 24, Hispanic
Clean, tried to eat mostly organic
Strict diet, vegan, she was disease-free
Normal BP, light seasoning
Died for no rhyme or reason
It was an ambush, surprise meeting
She was slightly drunk, white riesling
Was a second hand smoker, I should be a med
But the only book that I read is Dracula from Bram Stoker
Both her parents absent, she was born to a mom
She never met, and a dad that she wished she hadn't
Cold murder, one shot left her in the dark
Like 'what she doesn't know won't hurt her'
There's a lot of blood types, I don't think I'll ever be hooked
But with her the more that I drank the better she looked
I kept pouring, I can't see without gla**es
Here's to her life, batten down the hatches!

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