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Jus Allah - When Winter's Going lyrics

[Verse 1]
I am mistaken for Satan
I use his name for escape and evasion
I'm an identity thief, he's like Jason Bateman
I was raised in hell, we grew up twins
We used to talk at the same time, move in unison
Had it down the wrong path, we both were distorted
He wanted to eat the body, I wanted to pork it
It's unfortunate we both went separate ways
As soon as we came to a road with a fork in it
I noticed in the instance, I began to age
At a quicker pace the further we'd separate in distance
But I've forgotten his existence within five minutes
Love means nothing to me, my life's like tennis
Thought for a long time I'd never recover
I had a good thing, should've kept my bread and butter
I wanna see him dead but people with close connections
Usually go within seconds of another
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[Verse 2]
I am related to hatred
I have a cousin inside of a coven
I get my hexes for next to nothin', a dime a dozen
Now I don't purchase, cause I was sewn curses
That were sewn together with words from my own verses
Coincidence? I noticed twice, I gave her the
Benefit of the doubt, maybe they were oversights
It's not like her, cause if she wanted a ghostwriter
She could've contacted an actual poltergeist
She re-used a cla**ic, I could hear her voice
Through the white noise with the TV tuned in static
I had proof, a sure-tell sign
But she must've put a +Spell+ on my mind like Blue Magic
It faded soon, but came back the second I ate
Something she gave me, she made me taste a spoon
I can't call her, last time I even saw her
She was on a broom, riding over the face of the moon

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