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Jus Allah - Thoughts lyrics

[Verse 1]
I got a long list of k**s, it requires a certain mix of sk**s
I've acquired through long tests of wits and wills
I need a fix that keeps me off of prescription pills
When life has its ups and downs, or dips and hills
I'm emotionless, I separate heart from mind
I take the good with the bad, both parts combined
They found one body the other wasn't far behind
But she was a virgin and good girls are hard to find
First k** in a long time, they thought I resigned
But they both pointed back to me, like a rewind
Led the cops to a pitfall, I laughed as they crashed
Into a tunnel I painted on a brick wall
I beat them by a landslide, but they found the body
They said you can run, but you can't hide
I ignore it, because I don't like gettin' rid of bodies
The fun part's everything before it

[Verse 2]
There's two guns on my upper thighs
One quits, the other tries, one shifts, the other drives
One rinses, the other dries, whenever the sh** gets real
But y'all are all fake, catch up on rubber knives
The guns go hand-in-hand, one's blind but hears
One listens, one watches, they're my eyes and ears
If it's a problem, don't take it light, guns'll fix that
Despite the fact two wrongs don't make it right
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The 9's are twins, I measured from wide to long
But can't tell left from right or right from wrong
Complete and utter matches, if one competes
Let the other practice, one sweeps, the other catches
One speaks, the other signs, one bleeds, the other cries
My guns read each other's minds
When they start sinkin', bullets spray in your direction
But don't hate 'em, they're sayin' what we're all thinkin'

[Verse 3]
I don't know who has to die
It's whoever happens to catch an eye
We make mistakes, you live and learn, you laugh and cry
Every pa**er-by looks like a potential k**
It's like starin' at apple pie in the window sill
I'm at a distance, I'm almost invisible watchin'
But I'm not a Peepin' Tom, I'm window shoppin'
Life is short, you're dying from the time you're born
And life goes on and so forth and so on
When it's all been said, I won't have any grievances
I've learned to live with my demons like walking dead
I've seen a lot of crime, if I'm an eye witness
I keep my thoughts to myself, I mind my business
I got prisoners all over, my life's havoc
Some inside the basement, some hide in the attic
One's free to leave but she believes she's paralyzed
When it's nothing wrong with her, it's psychosomatic

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