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Jus Allah - Thoughtcrime (Level 13 Mix) lyrics

[Verse 1]
I got a long list of k**s, it requires a certain mix of sk**s
I've acquired through long tests of wits and wills
I need a fix that keeps me off of prescription pills
When life has its ups and downs, or dips and hills
I'm emotionless I separate heart from mind
I take the good with the bad both parts combined
They found one body the other wasn't far behind
But she was a virgin and good girls are hard to find
First k** in a long time they thought I resigned
But they both pointed back to me, like a rewind
Led the cops to a pitfall, I laughed as they crashed
Into a tunnel I painted on a brick wall
I beat them by a landslide, but they found the body
They said you can run but you can't hide
I ignore it because I don't like gettin' rid of bodies
The fun part's everything before it

[Verse 2]
I think about d**h and decay
With every weapon and every way
It never stops, it's every second of every day
I could probably be arrested for thought crime
But I'd be back on the streets makin' up for lost time
Some are random, some take years of waitin'
Some repeat when all the good ideas are taken
If I could, I would murder every person near me
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Sounds really good but it'll only work in theory
When it comes to my own kind, I'm drawin' the line
But I can't say the thought never crossed the mind
Everything gets older, then d**h brings closure
I'm quite sure of it, I never have to think it over
I dream about k**in', I'm a really light sleeper
You know what I'm thinkin', It doesn't take a mind reader
I prefer to do all murders in large amounts
But it's not about that, it's the thought that counts

[Verse 3]
I don't know who has to die
It's whoever happens to catch an eye
We make mistakes, you live and learn, you laugh and cry
Every pa**er-by looks like a potential k**
It's like starin' at apple pie in the window sill
I'm at a distance, I'm almost invisible watchin'
But I'm not a peepin' tom, I'm window shoppin'
Life is short you're dying from the time you're born
And life goes on and so forth and so on
When it's all been said, I won't have any grievances
I've learned to live with my demons like walking dead
They say I have k**ed a girl, who survived from dying
So I'm innocent, you can't blame a guy for trying
I should have takin' her prisoner, but for every hot chick
There's a guy that's tired of hittin' her
If you scream you'll die, no one ever takes my advice
Most women just want a good listener

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