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Jus Allah - Therapy lyrics

[Verse 1]
I am on fire
I'm standin' in water with live wire
I shouldn't be alive, I wasn't a live prier
My gun had live rounds and hadn't died either
It's on a strict diet that's high in iron and fiber
I'm not love worthy, I'm fine in isolation
My murders and crimes are just fines and violations
I like being the brains behind the operation
But I'm blood thirsty, I might die of dehydration
But I don't like charity, I'll recoup and recover
I live life vicariously through others
I'm livin' off the blood that I take from our true customers
If someone ain't pullin' their weight, the group suffers
My gun's sensitive to the slightest of vibration
I gotta be patient and wait for the right occasion
I need enough strength to control my night cravings
I need a blood bank that can hold my life savings

[Sample from The Matrix]
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You have a good soul, and I hate giving good people bad news. Oh, don't worry about it. As soon as you step outside that door, you'll start feeling better. You'll remember you don't believe in any of this fate crap. You're in control of your own life, remember?

[Verse 2]
I lived underneath of Hell
I couldn't eat, couldn't leave the cell
I couldn't see, I learned to read from a Speak and Spell
It was everything I needed, I was treated well
Just another day at the +Office+, I was Steve Carell
I couldn't sleep, I'd stand the entire task
A would-be king, the man in the iron mask
I was trapped, my capturer had the higher grasp
'Til I snapped the bars and shattered the fibergla**
It was enemy territory, foreign sand
It wasn't heaven or hell, it was borderland
My birthparents must've had a more important plan
They left me on a porch, knocked on the door and ran
In the wrong hands, abandoned with calamity
I ain't have a chance or a family
I ain't have a plan B or sanity
I ain't have fantasies in canopies
Life is no guarantees or answer keys

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