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Jus Allah - Destiny lyrics

[Verse 1]
This had to happen
I thought of this, possessed by a demon
While a preacher was screaming at me in Latin
I guess he thought that he could fight it
But that was kinda naïve, cause why would it
Wanna leave if it was invited?
I took off his halo, I had a message for God
I thought it worked as a two-way radio
He was small potatoes but I needed a person to sacrifice
Like when you throw a virgin in a volcano
I started recognizing his God cut off communication
I guess his location wasn't worth jeopardizing
He started petrifying, his body was dead stiff
As if he forgot to stretch before exorcising
I have been had, his Bible was a tadbit light
He had cut out the pages to put a flask in it
I wasn't mad at it, I probably would've done it myself
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Or maybe I'm just playing devil's advocate

[Verse 2]
Last chip in the bag, last page of the novel
I'm gluing the last stick of a ship I made in a gla** bottle
When I began I didn't think it was possible
But I think therefore I am like Aristotle
I studied meditation, I had to be in the zone
In order to go beyond my own expectation
A lot of hard work and dedication, it never deterred me
It's more about the journey than the destination
What would be the reason for me to take on such a feat
If I couldn't guarantee I would see its completion?
I'm obviously berserk, cause I believe when I'm deceased
I probably could live through my body of work
I'm stranded inside of this mannequin but the plan is to
Understand how to reanimate as a man again
All's well that ends well, see you in hell
I pull my cape over my face before vanishing

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