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Jus Allah - Days Like This lyrics

[Verse 1]
I have a blind moms, she reads cards, recites psalms
She still sees, she draws eyes inside her palms
One of my favorite psychics
She told me this exact thing would happen
She's priceless, she told me there'll be days like this
How she know the future? Whenever confronted
She guesses the number that you're thinking from 1 to 100
The truth is the only logical explanation
For something after you've eliminated the impossible
I still believe in magic, about to take cla**es
As of now I'm outta practice, I couldn't pull a nickle
From an ear when I first started, within a year
My target was making people disappear
Once the cops finally got me they offered me a deal
They still couldn't find where I concealed the body
I told them they could keep it
Before I squeal I would rather go to prison
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A real magician wouldn't ever reveal his secret!

[Verse 2]
I'm insane, I can't show you and try to explain
It's one or the other, if I'm here, who's flying the plane?
I'm not typical, you might see mee on the streets
Carrying a leash to a dog that's invisible
My mind stifles, it was almost stolen from me
By a woman who stared at me with eyes that were spinning spirals
I was glamoured, the being in my brain explained
Nothing, it raised more questions than it answered!
She could see things my way and begged to escape
But we had switched bodies like Freaky Friday
Never lend and never borrow, a good plan today
Is better than a perfect one tomorrow
Every line starts where logic stops, the rhyme is like
Getting your eyes to stare at a swinging pocket watch
It's all smoke and mirrors, a little sleight of hand
Look into my eyes, you are now under my command

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