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Jus Allah - Danger lyrics

[Verse 1]
Every murder's exreme
I prefer to hear a person scream
For years it's been the theme of a reoccuring dream
Me and my sister, we k**ed our parents
And then I k**ed her, just to get her share of the inheritance
This verse is cursed, I knew it once I wrote the intro
The first word, a bird flew into my closed window
I took it as an omen, I got a little black magic
On my own, when in Rome, do as like the Roman
I'm essentially my own worst enemy
I'm somebody who looks at the gla** as half empty
I k** instantly, and do time eventually
I'll k** you, if you're not with me, you're against me
If they find my identity I need a place to hide
I can't go out without being recognized
I need a disguise, I cut a head off it's shoulders
And spine, tore the face off and wore it over mine

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[Verse 2]
I have a bad temper
I have a mirror with a cracked center
Ankle bracelet with deactivated track sensor
There's no curse in the second verse, at least I tried
You hope for the best but expect the worst
I feed off anger, I feel everyone should take the risk
What'd be the point of a life free of danger?
I've found two complete strangers
Made them stand back to back, one pistol each
One round in each chamber
From criminal to criminal, we got each other's backs
If you see police, give a signal
I'm wanted for a small bounty, you can't put me in a box
I'd have to stand still while you build walls around me
It might seem a bit overboard, you can die
Try'na catch me, with no risk and no reward
I saved this bar for last call
The brave don't live forever, but cowards don't live at all

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