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Jus Allah - Cans lyrics

[Jus Allah]
Camo pants, bandana around the head
I'mma empty a few cans, paint the town red
No priorities, I like to live not knowin'
If the next knock at the door is the authorities
Tell 'em they just missed 'em, I'm on a**ignment
I'm sorry I can't talk right now, I'm with a client
I had to put the gun to him, all kiddin' aside
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He saw the ladder go up into the slide like a jungle gym
All of that considered, come and get it or I can give it
You could pick it up or have it delivered
Silencer on the 9, you can speak to a bullet
Give it a piece of your mind like Gabby Giffords
Hand me a subpoena, I know I caught a lot of bodies
But all of my witnesses catch amnesia
Cause they seen how I operate but can't do nothin'
It's like bein' awake during anesthesia

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