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Jus Allah - 180 lyrics

"I pull a .44 from outta the seat; I body the beat
Clear n***a's outta the street; nobody can creep"
"Holler when it's time for the blood to get spilled"
"When the hammer cock, we don't care who we pop"

[Verse 1]
I'm gun crazy; my gun has begun every rhyme lately
I'm not somebody who cares a lot for someone's safety
I'm not somebody who stops and makes a 180
I'm not somebody who has a job and a young lady
My shots starts spittin' till your body parts stiffen
Physicians is over your heart, listenin'
I like to let my gun stare in the face of a fallen victim
If he wakes, he'll want the hair of the dog that bit 'em
But I never get a reply; it's eye for an eye
With me, it's once bitten, twice shy
Got a lot of guns in the supply
So I gotta wet n***as now: can't wait till the water runs dry
It's bloodshed in the streets. I am indebted to the deceased
The dead can't rest without peace
I'm chased by the damned and the police
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You do a lot of dirt, you wake up with sand in the sheets


[Verse 2]
My gat heavy: I need a flatbed on the back of a Chevy
I need half of a second to be packed and ready
Then I'm out the door, puttin' in time and labour
So if my gun overweight, then I'm its enabler
Cops chasin' me; I can't escape my violent past
So I got to eat and run, or dine and dash
People wanna meet the man that's behind the mask
Cause my face been all over in simulcast
But I'm always outside; I restrain flight
Cause the best place to hide is in plain sight
I'm a machine; my murders last days and nights
With no traces of DNA or data bytes
I heard cops coming. I left the gun on the floor
I left a bucket of blood above the front door
Wish I was there: they probably were in an uproar
But we all square: all's fair in love and war


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