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Jus Allah - Supreme lyrics

[Jus Allah]
Jus Allah is black god, runaway slave with back scars
Devil won't let me in the cave, I'm blackballed
n***az ain't f**in' with the sciences, at all
For every five divine, there's 95 slapped jaws
I f** dimes, but I f**ed a couple wack jawns
p**y something that a n***a just act on
I can't help it, it's magnetic attraction
I can't melt in the sun, unless it's pa**ed on
I'm the last born, the f**ing end all
Marine tiltin' the machine like pinball
My n***az fiend for the green like a menthol
When the fiend doesn't have a weed and some tin foil
We earn our stripes, turn out dikes
Smoke out, the sight brother, wanna burn off bikes
The anamoly, n***az need to turn off mics
More idealogy, then you can learn off Christ
Set ya motherf**in' mind, I'm the best you can find
It's like, lightning, striking consecutive times
Allah gave me extra shine, extra divine
The finest flesh mankind's ever designed
You ugly motherf**ers got a reason to be leaving now
Soap season on the hethen's and the reason now
We forever foes, beef will never close
Til you laughing in the pose in your dress clothes

[Chorus: Jus Allah]
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Supreme, we shall reign supreme
We shall reign supreme
We shall reign supreme
We shall reign supreme

[Jus Allah]
We the motherf**in' supremes, but not the African queens
It's like, having a dream in red, black & green
Jus Allah is no trick, what magic is seen
You got devils, but then you got immaculate beings
The rap kings, y'all can't rap, what the f**'s that?
Motherf**ers sound gay like love shacks
b**hes I f**, give me head and lick the nut sacks
And when I don't give a f**, I never have the glove strapped
You against me, n***az is pigmy
Make you f**ing slaves like Fonzworth Bentley
You f**ing fags, I rhyme like I'm in another cla**
You sound strange like questions undercovers ask
You just a joke, you no where near close
Motherf**er the seed, run weird like queer folks
You got rings in the wrong f**in' earlobes
Hope God shows mercy on your meer soul
One mention of Allah and the tears roll
Fear grows in the motherf**in' spear slows
One rhyme from divine, and the mind snaps
Spy cracks, there's a motherf**in' time lapse

[Chorus x2]

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