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Jus Allah - Supreme (Black God's Remix) lyrics

[Intro: Jus Allah]
Yeah n***a
What's the f**ing deal
Black Gods n***a
Jus Allah, Chief Kamach
What's the f**ing deal my n***as
It's good
Yo, it's a rap n***as, yo
Check it out, yo

[Jus Allah]
Jus Allah is black god, runaway slave with back scars
Devil won't let me in the cave, I'm blackballed
n***as ain't f**ing with the scientist, at all
For every five divine, there's 95 slackjaws
I f** dimes, but I f**ed a couple wack jawns
p**y something that a n***a just act on
I can't help it, it's magnetic attraction
I can't melt in the sun, unless it's pa**ed on
I'm the last born, the f**ing end all
Marine tilting the machine like pinball
My n***as fiend for the green like a menthol
When the fiend doesn't have a reed and some tin foil
We earn our stripes, turn out dikes
Smoke out just like rubber when it burn off bikes
Chief Kamachi, n***as need to turn off mics
More ideology than you could learn off Christ
Scent ya motherf**ing mind, we the best that you'll find
It's like lightning, striking consecutive times
Allah gave me extra shine, extra divine
The finest flesh mankind's ever designed
You ugly motherf**ers got a reason to be leaving now
It's open season on the heathens in the region now
We forever foes, beef will never close
'Til you laying in a pose in your dress clothes

[Hook x2: scratching]
*Call the president*
*We might lose control*
[Lyrics from: https:/]
*Don't make me have to call your name out*

[Verse 2: Chief Kamachi]
Hell's here, heaven can't handle it
In the dark I keep the mirrors on the mantel lit
Evil genius, black cadles channel it
Cult-status, possessed by the amulet
Keep my truce, fools trynna [?] it
Smoke [?] from habibis on the [?] strip
God sovereign, on any land we pick
African k**ers, Jesus can't handle Crips
Jus Allah, Kamach, [?]
Let me play with your eye, see if your spine work
Too complex but this still is a cla**ic
My voice make a cobra pop up out of a basket
It's warrior blood on twelve inch plastic
I vanish with the vocals, [?] n***a


[Verse 3: Bomshot]
The hostel apostle's aweful with the gospel, colossal
Toss you in hell with Pentecostals
I appear, white as a ghost though my heart is black
Maybe cause I still shoot dope and smoke crack
I rock the mic like convulsions
See one man's hand move mountains and part oceans
The title taker, the idle breaker
And when we run out of blunts we burn Bible paper
We on the run like we escaped from Alcatraz
A horror fugitive [?] Shabazz
Bomshot, Jus Allah and Chief Kamachi
We [?], like Tragedy Khadafi
And knowledge is irrelevant your rap's too delinquent
You can't f** with us, your words are celibate
We crack jaws and silence your act frauds
All praises due to Allah for creating black Gods

[Hook x2]

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