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Jus Allah - Pool of Blood lyrics

(feat. GZA)

[Verse 1: Jus ALLah]
I keep blunts of sess in between my jaws
I keep chunks of flesh, underneath my claws
Animal like, raping lady Afro-Dite
I watch people bleed to tease my appetite
Slice your mug, we're hand-and-knife thugs
That's so hardcore we banned from fightclub
Brawl with night crawling blood alcoholics
Y'all only hope is wooden stakes and garlic
Islamic, thinking on a higher logic
Dressed in arab garments on flying carpets
Taking me to hovering starships
With high powered aero nautics
To glide across cosmics
Lost in space, I pause to meditate
My soul's energy cause walls to shake
n***az stand clear when my land is spread
Cause my scarecrow's got real Klansmen heads

[Verse 2: GZA/Genius]
I'm from the place where temples could flare, eagles are hurt
A neighbourhood wear from steady went to shirt
A battlefield setting the teams, they move thugly
A group with a bitter dispute that turned ugly
Beef that started back in elementary
Then it move from the block to the penetentiary
The contest of the phonecall was frightning
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The spark from the blaze to k** all was lightning
Completely unaware of their surrounding
In a +pool of blood+ responsible for drownings
The un-informed remains a total darkness
The only time you see light is when this metal spark this set
Something greater than their own encounter
Took a small business and they k**ed the co-founder
Now police probe this youngster's background
Found something in his jeans that was hard to back down

[Verse 3: Jus Allah]
Yo, I release agression
Explode like automic weapon
Going to deep spells of demonic posession
Gave the devil my rhyme book, just to read through
He hid it in a safe that he had swallowed the keys to
Said:"Jus Allah, I have nothing to teach you"
There's no plauge or harm to man more deceitfull
Than a lost breed of evil
f**ing monsterous n***az
Trade to k** inside their subconcious
Taken what's promised, derived from skies and comets
Acomplish Prophecies from Muhammed
I overpower sh**, f** the hater and the doubter sh**
Chop off the top of your skull, drink out of it
Cowardly b**h I hear d**h in the wind
Notify next of kin, best of friends
You limbs are lobbed off, by Jus Allah's axe
Forced to whack their own severed arms to catch

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