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Jus Allah - Divide & Conquer lyrics

[Verse 1: Jus Allah AKA Megatraum]
I am pure darkness, sparkless
Glitterless, imageless
But still infinitely limitless
Pre-Genesis before man
I crawled the land before all you know, even began
I think thoughts untranslated, I'm ungraded
My first rhyme had no words to say it
Force of the immaculate
You only exist cause I imagined it and slit your wrist upon fathoming it
Accurate intellect, the weight of my brain tilts my neck
Obeying the will, I select
My face so dark, that it doesn't reflect
The beast in me only awakes at sunset
My life has no connects of hope in it
The blood I drink, has extra pulp in it
I spit rhymes in the graveyard of my block
I get a rush hearing them beat, the coffin tops
I grow my own trees in the woods I'm from
I need branches to leave n***as hung
I'm running at a higher density
So the gun on my waist, is the only thing holding me from floating into space

[Hook] x4
Dividers, conquerors and rough night stalkers
Monsters, pray amongst the upright walkers

[Verse 2: Jus Allah]
The black man spelled the word:science
The caveman was overwhelmed by it
Made himself deny it
Fed us trick-knowledge and lies
Kept us quiet
You can't hide the power and size, of a giant
Divine my physical eyes work independent in my mind
I read two pages at a time
Don't believe in prayer
I don't even breathe the same air
My heart don't need the same care
I never have trees to share
Cause I know pa**ing weed to me is like f**ing feeding the bears
We everlastin'beyond grasping
Mad man unexpressive of emotion, or compa**ion
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Your girl f**ed me fully aware in the action the germ I would pa** to her had no vaccine
You a 'has-been', can't k** me, I'm guilty
I am what was then, I was what will be
I have clear skin, my soul fades through
It ain't a man brave enough to trade shoe
I wear fur-coats to the zoo
I ain't rich but I keep a b**h's throat roped in blue

[Hook] x4
Dividers, conquerors and rough night stalkers
Monsters, pray amongst the upright walkers

[Verse 3: Jus Allah]
My brainwaves shatter faces
Crack wrists, watch faces
Strong enough to switch the direction the clock paces
You hopeless, from a slave to a modern-day Moses
The oldest, my body gets off, the case closes
Release aggression, explode like atomic weapon
I go into deep spells of demonic possession
Gave the devil my rhyme book, just to read through
He hid it in his safe that he swallowed the keys to
Said:'Megatraum' I have nothing to teach you
There's no plague or harm to man more deceitful
Than a lost breed of evil
f**ing monstrous n***as, trade to k** inside their subconscious
Taken what's promised, derived from skies and comets
Accomplish, prophecies of Muhammad
I overpower sh**, f** the hater and the doubter sh**
Chop off the top of your skull, drink out of it
Cowardly b**h I hear d**h in the wind
Notify next of kin, best of friends
Your limbs are lobbed off, by the Megatraum's axe
Forced to wack their own severed arms to catch

[Hook] x4
Dividers, conquerors and rough night stalkers
Monsters, pray amongst the upright walkers

[Outro: Jus Allah AKA Megatraum]
Yo it's Megatraum stupid motherf**ers yo
Yanomsayin? Moanin motherf**er, yo
Jedi Mind Tricks n***a

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