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Jus Allah - Can't Sleep lyrics

[Verse 1: Jus Allah]
Return your motherf**ing soul before my next blunt gets rolled
I eat you motherf**ers whole before the blood gets cold
Truth be told you talk like you two years old
Same sh** you wanna hold like the purest of gold
When my rhyme begins everything that's on your mind ends
Eat slime from the vines like vitamins
Every message from Allah's like medicine
Everyone of them could purify the Devil's sins
f**ing fool, you probably flunked preschool
We ain't equals, I ain't readable
You're one step above your own mother feeding you
Unbelievable, dumb enough to be illegal
You couldn't get this high without a f**ing needle
And a f**ing supply to fry three people
Motherf**ers deserve their ugly a** heads hung
Only good f**ing devils are dead ones

[Hook: Agallah]
I got nothing but hate for you fakes that be all in my face
For your snakes that's invading my space
Nothings ever gonna ease my head except seeing you dead
Can't sleep till you n***as is dead
There's nothing but hate for you fakes that be all in my face
Jealous n***as be wanting my place
And I won't eat until you motherf**ers is dead
Can't sleep till you n***as is dead

[Verse 2: Jus Allah]
I'm busting right at the priests, f** your white Jesus
You're blinded by the light of deceivers and disbelievers
The real truth right in front of you
I am everyone and none of you, I gave my only begotten son to you
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Return to Earth as a person
Only to see you mouse n***as running from the serpent
Blind and dumb, I'm rhyming till the Devil's rule is done
Allah see's a liar and a fool as one
Raise your holy flag, put me near the President's craft
I'll be riding to Iran with his head in a bag
n***as know it's on till you dead and done with
Your head's hunted till I'm signing your d**h warrant
Holding myself down on the black side
Y'all stay on that side, I'm a piece of God magnified
f**ing truth never needs to be advertised
You could learn f**ing that one in the afterlife

[Hook: Agallah]

[Verse 3: Jus Allah]
The power that I hold in my hand could fold a frying pan
The air and sand do as I command
And if i want the night to last across the sky ma**
The clouds won't even allow light to pa**
My crew cleave alien loops inside gra**
Roll trees and dutch masks, loot some bra**
A must have like my dagger and cloak
And red streaks of blood on my white lab coat
A virgin thirst ____ to give her first poke
She crept over to my crib after church broke
Since, we ain't spoke but I hit it dumb ways
The unsaved, some days I don't bathe
Unphased by the light, the scorching flame
Tears form from the ice dripping off your brain
Even if you cry it won't soften the pain
Your heart is dead, you should go and get your coffin framed

[Hook x2: Agallah]

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