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Jus Allah - When Crows Descend Upon You lyrics

[Verse 1: Vinnie Paz]
I'm just evil biologically, listen to y'all that make a mockery
Anton LaVey is like a god to me
I am not possibly a**ociated with your democracy
Gary Heidnik is like a shah to me, go to war logically
I conduct self Nostradamusly, I am Ibrahim's last prophecy
Earth is my property, I am possessed like I'm an apostrophe
Vinny Appice is like a star to me
Paz swears silently, cut your f**ing head like a lobotomy
Rape the f**ing beat like sodomy
Nietzschean philosophy, I am a vampire, I'm proud to be
I cannot be seen in your photography
Vinnie an anomaly, I am not a part of God's colony
Three inches of blood on my carpeting making things hard for me
My own family won't talk to me, I have to pray to Allah constantly honestly

[Hook: Demoz]
I'm having nervous dreams, n***a this a murder scene
Yellow tape around the booth, no one heard em scream
He don't deserve to dream, n***a this a murder scene
Yellow tape around the booth, I'm having nervous dreams

I let my pistol bang, the Official Pistol Gang
So what's the issue man? I can make a tissue hang
I'm having nervous dreams, n***a this a murder scene
Yellow tape wrapped around the booth, nobody heard em scream

[Verse 2: Demoz]
Underground like dirt and the oil
Earth and the soil, I burn like boil
Destroy rappers, King Kong ma**acre
Bullets ricochet playing ping pong pa**engers
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Won't make it, the real won't fake it
If something don't belong to you then don't take it
A naked eye can look loyal but don't trust em
That's why I chill with women, f** em but don't cuff em
Cheat and won't treat em, beat em and won't eat em
Leave em and won't feed em
Believe me a cold demon, I am but I won't leave em
Until that we both even
Until she catch me f**ing a 20 year old Rican
On top of the f**ing bed we make love and both sleeping
Now that's the hundredth time she caught me with hoes cheating
I think I got a problem with being faithful
It's not that I ain't grateful, it's just something about me so hateful


[Verse 3: Jus Allah]
I'm strutting with the black mask, can't pa** on the cash
Relax on the gra**, can't slack on the slash
There's no rest, there's no 2 and a half hour crash
I'm all about the cash, outwit and outlast
In ma** covered in black from gun powder blast
Can care less if you wear a flag or a badge
I'm trying to have mattresses of cash
I'm trying to have the bachelor pad built up with packages and bags
No matter how many bodies ama** in the trash
I stay on the move, bad news travels fast
I stay with the smoking weapon and no discretion
It's a gross obsession, I keep it close under low detection
Don't provoke me and don't ask any loaded questions
I don't go for one soul, I want the whole collection
Send you on that long road to perfection
Murder all the men who swore an oath of protection

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